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About our programme

My CFO’s Business Finance Coaching Programme has been an empowering learning opportunity for SMMEs, designed to help strengthen their financial understanding and decision making, to create value and wealth in their business.

Programme objectives

The programme aims to advance SMMEs by improving the owners’ engagement with their company’s financial information and utilising those new business insights for better decision making. The programme helps owners account and report to their stakeholders while ensuring all compliance requirements are met, so that the business is funding ready.

Facing Business Challenges

My CFO identifies six key challenges that new businesses face that the Business Finance Coaching Programme looks to help SMMEs overcome. To overcome these challenges, we need more prudent financial knowledge and tested best practices which helps keep our SMMEs competitive in an always-evolving market conditions. They aim to help companies reach their highest potential.

My CFO has identified these key challenges:
  • Limited financial expertise
  • Not understanding the drivers of financial performance
  • Unprepared for funding opportunities and investor interest
  • Costly and time-consuming trial and error
  • Poor business planning discipline
  • Lack of financial management experiences

By completing this programme, owners can gain enhanced understandings of the Finance Function and how to improve its productivity. Building the confidence to engage with financial reports and relay the insights gathered to funders and investors.

Business Finance Coaching Programme

The programme is designed to empower Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) owners to

Understand the minimum governance and compliance requirement to operate a business and to be funding ready.

Engage with financial information provided by accountants

Understand the business insight from financial information as a decision-making tool

Account and report to stakeholders (shareholders, funders and ESD programme)

Challenges being addressed

  • Limited financial expertise: Many entrepreneurs who enter the business world have limited understanding of the financial requirements of a business, financial controls and other obligations that are part of the business.
  • Poor planning: Many potential entrepreneurs have no formal business training and tend to ignore the vital step of developing a business plan. As a result they do not have a realistic grasp on the costs, responsibilities and medium- to long-term requirements of a business.
  • Not being funding and investor ready: Many start-ups rely on financial support from family and friends. However, many business owners have not planned correctly, to introduce Other People’s Money in their business.
  • Poor understanding of drivers of financial performance: The link and financial trade off are not appreciated as proper controls do not exist. Poor calculation of margins and cash flow often lead to crippling pressures impacting on the business.
  • Costly trial and error: they often find that the money they need to start and subsidise the business is not enough. Costly trial and error in the use of capital often results in business failure.
  • Lack of managerial experience: A lack of management experience and training results in new entrepreneurs not fully coping with the range of responsibilities within a business.

Desired outcomes of the programme

  • Enhanced understanding of the Finance Function and how to interact with it as a business owner or manager.
  • Improve confidence to engage with reports submitted by the finance team.
  • Ability to interpret financial information and insight to communicate with funders and investors.

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